Let’s see. A lot has happened. Rebuilt my computer, carved pumpkins, ate food, got roofied, had a “lunch date,” missed the Dali Lama, went to The Mad Scientist’s Ball, finished my resume, cleaned, went to the party at Daniel’s complex thingy, had a stellar meal (perfect pairing of wine, steak, veggies, sauce, and hookah), and organized books at the Spoon. Also lots of homework.

Tonight is Zombie Prom, tomorrow Halloween up at Mutiny, Friday I head up to Chicago to see Stars. Next weekend is Seattle, the weekend after Madison is in town.

Thank god for my PDA.

9 thoughts on “tonight!

    • Yes and yes.

      See you there? We’ll be visiting clubs and such. You have my number, I have yours, we’ll get in touch.

  1. what was that part about getting roofied?

    and i wish i could go to zombie prom. i think saturday night was the extent of my halloween extravaganzas on account of school crap.

    • Long story. while I was with friends so nothing super bad happened, it’s still extremely disconcerting that this could happen. Don’t worry, I’m still cracking jokes.

      Zombie Prom was effing awesome. Pictures up soon!

  2. Going to see Stars in Chicago? Would that be Bellydance Superstars? Cos I just got promised tix for that. And it would be awesome to see you there.

    • It’s actually a band called Stars. Think they’re playing at the Vic, but could be wrong.

      Coffee sometime Saturday, perhaps?

      • Have a dance class from noon-1 on Saturday, otherwise I’m just out driving around looking at apartments… lemme know when and where!

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