not just running for the zombies anymore

The world is a playground. It’s time I started treating it as such again.

Prepare to be bruised to hell. Already have a gouge on my knee.

9 thoughts on “not just running for the zombies anymore

      • *nod* I’ve been mildly obsessed with parkour for years. I’m pretty well-versed in the techniques, although not all that good at applying them as a) I’m out of shape and b) occasionally have issues committing to running headlong at things 🙂

        But yeah. I try to practice at least once a week these days, even if “practice” is only basic slap jumps or hops and reversals.

        (Another reason why I love bouldering at Hoosier Heights.)

        But sure, I’d be happy to show you a few things/carry you to the hospital 🙂

  1. I spent an entire night looking up parkour and free running after watching Casino Royale and another film that featured it. Sometimes, when I hike at Griffey Lake, and pretend I’m realling parkouring, although I’m really to afraid of bruises to actually do it.

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