I’ve come to the realization that my quest for self-sufficiency and independence is legitimized through zombies.

Must keep a full tank of gas in case of zombies.
Must keep in shape in case of zombies.
Must learn how to shoot a gun in case of zombies.
Must know how to drive a manual, ride a motorcycle, etc… in case of zombies.

If the infrastructure gives way, I’ll know how to handle myself.

So really, the Singularity and zombies are the same thing on some days.

16 thoughts on “Zombies!

  1. As one who is life/death dependent on the current pharmaceutical distribution network, when it all goes to hell I’ll most likely be that guy. You know, the one who makes that heroic last stand equipped with a couple shotguns and a machete. I’ll cover your mad dash escape to the helipad when the zombies penetrate our secret base.

    Of course, this means that I’ll be back later as a zombie, myself. You won’t have any trouble offing me at that point, will you?

  2. Re: Gee…

    To each their own. I am more accurate with a shotgun.

    “unlimited rounds in a back pack”

    I want one of those back packs!


    Honestly, I don’t care for guns at all. Just don’t tell my Master Sergeant that.

  3. You are fantastic.

    Don’t forget learning some cool blade combat tricks. They’ll make you infinitely cooler [at least in my eyes] than just knowledge of how to shoot a gun…plus, as Max Brooks says, a blade can’t run out of bullets.

    I’m glad I’m probably not the only one that sees a raging forest fire of unknown origins or seemingly unprovoked civil uprising quickly quelled by the government on the news and thinks zombie-outbreak cover-up.

    People think I’m weird for always sitting with my back against the wall. Ha!


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