…I can’t believe I missed the 2 year anniversary of The Car Wreck.

Damn I miss my old car. I also miss Libby’s face not hurting at slight changes of weather.

3 thoughts on “anniversaries

  1. I didn’t forget about the anniversary but I tried not to remember it too well, either.

    Miss the Scudmobile. Also miss my face. But ya know. Glad we’re ok otherwise.

    • Congrats on the anniversary

      It all sounds like a story and a half, but I won’t pry. What I will say is congrats on keeping a good attitude about the incident. Speaking as a fellow “wow, I sure wish I still had the pieces of me I lost that time” person, I’m glad we’re both still having a good time.

      Also: I never saw it in life, but the scudmobile looks awesome.

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