A History of Hair

I’ve been dying my hair since 1999. It’s been changing styles a lot in the time as well.
As a physical manifestation of time, it’s a way I can tell where I was at mentally as well as physically at the time the picture was taken.

So here we go:
I had red hair that was down to my butt through all of high school, except when it was blue on the rare occasion.

(me with Madison, taken on Audrey’s camera)

After I graduated high school I went to college for a year. My hair fluctuated between black, red, and blue. I also chopped it all off.

(me with Mom after I returned from visiting Corey in DC. taken on Seamus’s camera)

Then I got bangs, and for my time with Corey in VA I had short red hair with bangs.

(Seamus took this in Montana)

After the move back to Indiana, about 6 months in, I was able to dye my hair blue, and haven’t gone back since.

(Image and Shopping by Libby)

When Corey and I broke up, Libby was kind enough to cut and re-dye my hair. We lived together at this point, and it was great fun.

(image and shopping by Libby)

After the engagement with Jeremy ended, I asked Libby to give me a mohawk. She said to think about it for a week. We went out and bought a wig and watched a movie. I said I was ready. She asked if I could be please just wait 24 hours. We smoked a clove. She shaved my head (and did a damn fine job, despite my cow-lick)

(again, with the Libby)

My favorite pictures have been taken with the hawk.

taken for frozenmusic, make-up and photography and photoshopping and amazing balancing plates by Libby!

I had extensions for a short time, also done by Libby, for the pure sake of having them.

exoskeleton cabaret!

Now the front has started to change colors.

Orange was pretty awesome, but right now I’m sort of in love with the black front.

(first one for PipeDream, Libby’s art show; second one of Molly and myself taken by Rex in San Francisco)

But now I’m itching for a change. I love my hawk (and the times I’ve had/lessons I’ve learned while having it), and do not want to get rid of it. And the majority will always be blue. But I need to change up something. Maybe more colors in the hawk itself, but I’ve also been thinking about shaving it up to accent my occipital protrusion or up to the crown of the head. I dunno. Input?

19 thoughts on “A History of Hair

  1. Now that I posted that I realise you were looking for input about change, so I was not helpful at all.

    Maybe bleach something? That’s my solution to most things.

  2. im not really one for change…

    i like the one with the “peacock” eyes, as mentioned above. however, i also like the one with short, blue hair all over…

    my vote is merging the two: growing out the sides a little and keeping a shorter hawk.

    • Thank you!

      I miss them, fairly often. I have them on clips and could do the pseduo-weave, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

  3. stripes? I don’t know how hard that would be, but perhaps grow out the front of the hawk a decent bit more, to a shorter, spiker back and maybe a few little perpedicular to the hawk streaks of bleached or black?

  4. What about gradations of color, say, going from platinum ice to deepest blue? Or dreads? What about multicolored spikes? Sharply contrasting tips, mayhap?

  5. the orange has been my favorite, but i’m a sucker for contrast. Maybe add some color streaks? teal and green might look cool with the black/blue combo or green and orange.
    I’d maybe even let he colors bleed together a bit for a soft fade.

  6. DO IT UP!

    [pic from Plastikhaar]

    Heh. I don’t know. I think your haircut looks fine. You might see about getting a couple of dreads or some short flexible tubing installed in it if you’re worried about cramming the whole thing under a wig, and if you’re not, I might try playing with foam and tubing extensions (kind of what we did to Corey).

    Pastel blue might be fun, too. Stay with the cobalt in the back but do up your bangs light blue. You can mix the toner SFX makes with your blues to lighten it.

    • <3

      Once I have a secure job I’ll see about putting extensions in. I really did like what we did to Corey’s head (and was sad to see it come out), and would love to try something like that. Hopefully I’ll work in a place where they’ll be ok with it.

      And I like the light blue idea. Hmm..

  7. Aww, I had never seen those 2 earlier ones. There is something very nice about seeing a progression of change. I totally feel for your situation. I felt kinda stuck with my hair around new years. You could do what I did and hold up a pair of scissors and a razor and declare “If anyone has a strong opinion on my head, you may seize the moment.” Grace was kind enough to grant me a pyramid of power.
    I understand the need to rebrand. Cristobat is under heavy rebranding right now. You could go rainbow hawk and fight evil on top of a pegacorn (or a unicus).
    You didn’t really change your hair after we broke up. I’m inclined to take that as a compliment. 🙂

    • Thus the comment about liking the times I’ve had and lessons I’ve learned while having the hawk. My time with you is/was essential. Thank you.

      This change is mostly because I’m in a new place, and need to feel a little newer.

      • I hear the need for change. Be bold but true to yourself. And if you find yourself in a pinch, a friend with a razor is always nice. 😉

  8. seeing the earlier pictures ended up giving me very vivid dreams the next night, they weren’t recollections per se but they brought a lot of things forward.

    I miss the “princess leia” kielbasa things, lol.

    You are beautiful, and you have a nice skull, keep the hawk and if you want change i like the ideas you’ve received from others

    i know, a cop-out but i just wanted an excuse to tell you that you’re the girl of my dreams 🙂

    *checks amtrak and greyhound rates*

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