So as much as I love being in Seattle, I’ve been severely lacking in structure. Going from having the crazy-busy schedule in Bloomington to job hunting online (and occasionally on foot) and attempting to fill my own time has led to some mental ruts and general funks. So I started forcing myself out of the apartment, seeing friends, volunteering at events, etcetera.

Today I received a job offer, and while it’s not quite as much as I need to be making, it’s a start, and it’s at a really neat place. I can live off of it, which means getting my own place, a much-needed hair fix (I’m hoping we can get a stark white in with the blue, with some teal highlighting), and an even-more necessary gym membership.

I’ve also been keeping myself busy in other ways. Been spending a lot of time with various people. Today I’m going to Tilth with a friend visiting from NYC, then to a play another friend is in, and then likely the drinking. Tomorrow Nathan and I are going to see Rossum’s Universal Robots. This is neat because it’s the first time the Czech word for forced labor, “robota,” was adapted into noun form. Then Saturday I’m volunteering at Little Red Studio again. Last week I helped out for their production of Hello Penis, which is nothing like the name suggests but actually a pretty poignant play about what it is to be male in our culture, and all the expectations placed on you. Sunday is the volunteer cast party for SEAF (at which I looked this hot. Yes, that’s a privacy headset, the one that registers vocal chord vibrations).

I also went to the Fluevog store here in Seattle to buy these shoes:

Stevenson, the store manager, I know through Nathan and Kristen. He’s awesome and super friendly. When I went in with Anita to put my shoes on layaway (no, I don’t have my babies yet), I hugged Stevenson and he said “Willow, I want you to meet someone. This is John.” My response was, “you mean… like John? Um. Eep. Hi.”
So we had a lovely chat about the wedding he had just attended and Vancouver, and I met his very awesome wife, and he made sure the shoes fit right, and then he jokingly signed them. So after I gather another undisclosed amount of dollars, I will have a signed pair of what my brother describes as “sex with a sole” (actually, that comment refers to his pair, which are the hottest things ever).


That about wraps it up.

Oh yeah, I’ll be at Axis on the 24th. Come hug me.

10 thoughts on “structure

  1. I’m v. jealous about the John meeting.
    If only my new pair were here for this weekend, boo!

    It sounds like things are at least going well enough, though not ideal yet.

    Be well, lovely one.

  2. I need new boots. Do you know how hard it is to find pointy toed gothy boots for men that aren’t knee high?

    I had the perfect pair, but they became a casualty of my move from San Francisco 8 years ago.

  3. Should you happen to run into Mr. Fluevog again, tell him that a pair of Lucky boots of the kind that existed some years ago but had already ceased to do so by the time I saw and fell in love with Chris’s ex-girlfriend Lindsey’s pair that she bought at a yardsale, are URGENTLY needed in Baltimore, Maryland. In a size 9, probably, though 10 would be okay as well. Black, of course.

    I saw a girl at Ascension (Friday night club) last week who was the red version of you, to a limited extent. I have no doubt that she was not nearly as awesome, but, you know, the boots and the stripey socks and the short skirt and skinny and stuff. Thus I expostulated about you for a moment to a friend of Donna’s, at whom I had previously been expostulating about Schizopolis. I told him that you were awesome, and if he didn’t believe me he could ask Donna. I don’t think he did.

    Also, that’s disturbingly great about “robota”, because I NEVER thought to connect “robot” with “rabotat'”, which is Russian for “work”! Yaaaaaaaay!

    Your new shoes are adorable.

    I don’t want to go back to the basement.


  4. 1. I love Fluevog
    2. They owe me royalties for that hair salon!!!

    Good about the job and it’s neat you’re doing volunteering..great way to meet people as they all say!

  5. fluevog shoes make me drool. i can’t believe you met him. i am soooo jealous. 🙂

    my fluevog boots are 9 or 10 years old and are in some serious need of repairs to the lacing hooks. they need love, i feel like i’m neglecting them.

  6. Ahhh. I was almost IN R.U.R. I was supposed to be Sulla, the robot secretary. Then I was hit by a car right before opening night. Booo.

    But I still remember my lines! And how I had to stand there and be objectified by the main character man. Good times.

  7. i hope that hello penis has taught you something about how difficult it is to be a male. we’ll be expecting some sympathy now. and i won’t be in b-town when u show up, i’m in columbus ohio now, and for the foreseebale future. ta!

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