pointless update #458

Libby and Matt visit in just a matter of days! Gleeeeeee!

Also, volunteered at LRS both Friday and Saturday, with rehersal on Thursday. Had a lovely time. It’s so nice to feel so welcome.
Still no luck selling the car, but hopefully soon. Because that would be awesome and apartment-getting.

8 thoughts on “pointless update #458

  1. Is this Libby from Bloomington? I knew a girl named Libby. She worked at Starbucks with me. Heh, shot in the dark, I suppose. 😛

    I’ll take you up on a coffee date sometime! I have a few extra bucks set aside. Just let me know when you want to meet up, and I am all about it!

    • This is a Libby with stoplight red hair, and she has never worked at Starbucks. But she is also moving to Seattle, so one more body from Bloomington.

      How does sometime next week sound? C Hill if at all possible, perhaps Bauhaus or Joe Bar?

      • We should start a livejournal community for people who have moved from Bloomington to Seattle. A few months back, when I was checking out apartments, I had the following conversation about three times with various apartment managers:
        “Oh where did you come from?”
        “Bloomington, Indiana.”
        “I just had a girl/guy/couple move in here from Bloomington, Indiana!”

        Next week is actually kind of insane for me, but how about the week after? I’ll be free Sunday through Wednesday then. And I can totally come to Capitol Hill. I love that area, and appreciate any excuse to come out there. I actually have a friend from Bloomington that lives right by that B&O coffee place on Olive.

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