Royal Incest

After having a conversation with History Buff Santos, this image came into play:

Which is so wrong I can’t even process it*.
All points in his family for generations were leading up to HIM! How epic and wrong is that?

Do you have a favorite historical figure who is just *wrong*?

*it is important to note that intergenerational sex is a socially constructed squick factor. Incest is also a socially constructed squick, as the percentage of “defective” offspring produced by first cousin and even sibling couplings is incredibly low for one-offs. The continuation, though, is where the complications come in and why we feel so strongly against incest. Man, I miss “Uncle Martyso much right now. Yay Constructing Sexuality class!

10 thoughts on “Royal Incest

    • Hi Patrick! Added you so now I can keep track of you. Huzzah!

      Thank you so much for joining us Monday. I had so much fun!

      • Yay! I did have a really good time and am very glad that we have made our acquaintance. I hardly ever update here, I’m much more of a Flickr exhibitionist. But I will comment with great fervor! 🙂

  1. you had “Uncle Marty” too? His class is the reason that I know all the protocol of prostitution! Although, that was Sexual Diversity and I wish I’d have taken Constructing Sexuality

    • The class was *way* harder than a lot of people thought. Seriously we lost 20% of the class by the first test. Crazy.

      I miss him though. He’s nuts.

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