Hackerspaces and Education

Blog Entries on this Topic. I also used to write for MAKE online.


Interview on Signal at 27c3 (mp3) about education and the hacker community.

Interview on KUOW (Seattle’s NPR) about Jigsaw.


From the DARPA Funding Panel at HOPE9


From the How to Design your Maker Faire Booth workshop at Jigsaw


Extension of Hackerspace Design Patterns at Chaos Communication Camp 2011


Organized and sat on the Education in Hackerspaces panel at Maker Faire NYC 2011


Tour of the 1026 Madison Jigsaw space.


On multiple maker spaces in one geography, at OpenUP


On Jigsaw Renaissance at Dorkbot


On Creating Communal Creative Space at Ignite Seattle

Willow’s sidenote: this one is super painful for me to watch, as it was my first public speaking gig since college. I leave it here as a sign post of people getting better through practice.

Unrecorded Events:

Toorcon Seattle Presentation on Hackerspaces as places of education.

Moderated the Maker Faire Detroit education panel

SpaceCamp at Maker Faire

Organized and facilitated SpaceCamp Seattle – a meeting of founders and facilitators of hacker, maker, and coworking spaces.

Berlin Sides presentation on extroverted spaces

10.10.10 Tour of many hackerspaces to talk about Space Federation and Geeks Without Bounds

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