just breathe and all else will follow

Holy crap, what a weekend. I don’t even know if I can come close to summing it up, so how about random tidbits instead? Yeah, that seems pretty close to normal.

Listened to metal on the way to Portland with Nathan and Davis. We practiced metal faces and did different parts of the music. I laugh so much when I’m with those two.
There’s something completely magical about sitting and reading while live music is being played. And not performance but practice.
I think by this point I owe Coral my firstborn. Seriously. She drove an hour (one way) to get me to my LSATs Saturday morning with a smile. And there was chocolate milk and breakfast.
Took my LSATs. By no means a perfect score, but I feel pretty good about it, all things told.
Had the awesome feeling walking out of the test of having *no* idea of how I was getting back to Portland. I love having actual things to deal with, and it helped me remember how trivial the test was so I didn’t freak out.
Saw some amazing musical exchanges (including throat singing along with violins, tombstones, drums, guitars, bass), some epically bad performance art, retied the MC’s tie, and mussed the lipstick of the lovely Unwoman.
Petra seriously makes the best cake ever, which just so happens to also be vegan. Good lord woman. She also picks out way rad restaurants and is an incredibly gracious hostess. Thank you.

Yesterday was spent getting together the LRS space for the concert. It was so fucking amazing. I love seeing people I care about for emotionally as well as wanting to share their musical abilities be received so warmly. The audience was amazing, the music was amazing, everything was just awesome. Everyone was incredibly helpful and engaging, and knowing that I have competent friends that will actually get shit done without prodding is enough to make me sane.

The music and people.