I want a gavel and a powdered wig

Points of Order:

  • I’d like to see the game the Bible is *actually* the guidebook for. Also, more people need to roll for initiative with d20s.
  • taking breaks from logic puzzles (LSAT studying) to read Cryptonomicon or learn more Java is putting my communication skills down the toilet.
  • I don’t think I care
  • on a related note, I’m tempted (not really) to get LOGIC4LIFE tattoo’d on my knuckles (with the C and 4 on my thumbnails, which is funny in and of itself). I might just go for sharpie after work. Because that’s how I roll
  • I really like making flow charts
  • while walking home from the Imperative Reaction concert last night, I was gifted a bottle of ’05 Riesling from a friend I haven’t bumped into for awhile. WTF.
  • I desire Katamari.
  • new pick-up line: “if I were to ask you for sex, would your response be the same as to this question?”

I know I said I had my Self back, but it seems to have pushed my brain out of whack. Play nice, guys. Really.

Later today I will show you the fruits of my labor in regards to flow charts. And I believe you will giggle. I know I am.