Thank you for contacting Acer America. Your computer has the capability to reinstall the original factory software without needing to use CD’s, as long as the hidden PQSERVICE partition still exists, and the Master Boot Record has not been damaged.

*Please note, this will erase all data on your hard drive. Back up all important information prior to following these steps.*

There are 2 ways to access the eRecovery feature:

1. If Windows Will Start
At the windows desktop, close all open programs and windows. Press ALT (located to the left of the space bar) and F10 at the same time, then release. A program should start up called Acer eRecovery. Follow the onscreen instructions. You want to choose Recovery Actions, then Install the factory default system.

2. If Windows Will Not Start
Shut down the system. Press the power button to turn the system on, as soon as you release the power button, press ALT on the keyboard and start tapping F10. The ALT key is located to the left of the space bar and the F10 key is along the top of the keyboard. Continue holding ALT and tapping F10 as the unit boots up. It should show a screen stating “Starting Acer eRecovery”, when this screen comes up you can release the keys on the keyboard. Follow the onscreen prompts. The default password will be 000000. Next you will need to choose “recovery actions”, then on the next screen choose “restore factory default settings”. This will erase your hard drive and reinstall the original factory settings and programs.

If you are unable to start this process, please contact Acer Technical Support at 1-800-816-2237 M-F 7am-9pm CST and Sat-Sun 8am-5pm CST excluding holidays.

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Dear Acer,

How am I supposed to press keys to activate a process when my keyboard isn’t working?