You are Ryan Baker. Aka Bake, Ryan, and Farnyarn.
You are really skinny and tall. Therefore, you
look like Jonny From Radiohead. Patrick Swayze
is your alter ego. You also have a wicked patch
of chest hair, which makes you look very manly
sometimes. You enjoy travelling long distances
to see bands play and you enjoy taking
pictures, unless its work related.
Unfortunately, your girlfriend lives in Canada,
so your down sometimes. You play the guitar in
a very unique style and jam alot with Joe.
Your vocal part is a mystery because you never
sing a damn note. You are a really nice and
caring person, although deep inside, there is a
Mr. Hyde. You also like RPG’s.

Which L-Towner are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I miss you guys. And that is just weird.

2 thoughts on “hah

    • would that be because you’re so unique or because no one would want to be you?

      I miss you! I’ll be home Feb 21-24.

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