Yes, just like everyone else, I now need a code. Anyone have one lying around? (is that supposed to be laying?)

Audrey and Courtney are in need.

6 thoughts on “codes

  1. No fuckin way!

    The french rap? As in something other than overpriced cheese in fancy wax paper? Oh my god, the apocolypse is upon us. The lack of stressed syllables can create some serious rhythm deficiancy, but on the bright side, everything ends in a vowel, so it can rhyme nicely. ACK!!! Critiquing french wrap definitly means that I’ve been up WAY too long today.

    • bwahahaha

      and one is even to a remix of the star wars theme. behold the wrath of the frenchies. I’m making you listen to it.

  2. French rap? I will look for a code but so far I’m zero for five and on my own 5 yardline so don’t hold your breath. I hope it’s the thought that counts or something like that Later

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