Is Kansas as flat as a Pancake?

Taken from The Guardian.

…”This year, for instance, three geographers compared the flatness of Kansas to the flatness of a pancake. They used topographic data from a digital scale model prepared by the US Geological Survey, and they purchased a pancake from the International House of Pancakes. If perfect flatness were a value of 1.00, they reported, the calculated flatness of a pancake would be 0.957 ‘which is pretty flat, but far from perfectly flat’. Kansas’s flatness however turned out to be 0.997, which they said might be described, mathematically, as ‘damn flat’.”

I love the English.

7 thoughts on “Is Kansas as flat as a Pancake?

  1. Wow that is damn flat however I wonder should they be testing pancakes and Kansas when we can’t predict earthquakes yet. I would like to get paid to do pancake experiments. Well I guess I all ready do now that I think about it. (remember I’m a cook) Later

      • Re: audrey says:

        i’ll be there. oh. ps-thanks for getting me a code. i didn’t even have to whore myself out this time.. i mean.. umm. thanks for getting me a code. i’ll come see you on my way to work. so by the time you get this i will have seen you and told you the news. loves yah.

        • Re: audrey says:

          remember to thank aaron, too ()
          he’s the one that got the codes.

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