I’ll never understand

I don’t understand what’s going on with the kids in VA.

Here’s why.

As friends… no… as people shouldn’t you support one another? Even if you don’t get along? If someone is doing something… anything… offer advice but realize it’s YOUR input on THEIR life. And if they go against it… it’s still their life.
Why so much anger?
Not just now… in the past as well.

I don’t understand.
And I am beginning to get angry. Not at the situation, but at the ignorance that (is?) caused(/ing) it.

I don’t want to be moderator. It’s been my role all my life. But if I’m the only one that can.. sort things out, then so be it.

Post away.

4 thoughts on “I’ll never understand

  1. Input = fabulous. I love hearing what my friends have to say.
    But when they get negative and just plain mean, while calling names and acting extremely juvenile… what makes me want to listen to what they’re saying? It doesn’t sound intelligent, nor does it sound like they’re the kind of person you should take advice from.

    Doing this feels right to me.
    I do honestly believe I’m doing what I should be.
    And there’s no guarantee I’m leaving sooner, rather than later. I could be here for almost another year…
    But then again, I’m going to always be making a “bad” decision according to certain persons because they’re always “right” in their world, and they never change their mind…
    It’s so frustrating because it’s not like I WANT to be losing friendships over such STUPID drivel…
    But at the same time, I don’t want to associate with people that are going to make a conscious effort to bring me down, and tell me that I’m going to die, and that I’m stupid [especially when certain persons have no standing whatsoever on telling me that I’m stupid].

    I just don’t get people sometimes.

    I hope I get to see you when you come! I shouldn’t be gone 🙂

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