jell-o… and lots of it

So… Vikki’s party was a whole lot of jell-o. Jell-o shots… Jell-o wrestlin>… yeah… That would be me and Vikki. And we played Rampage and the Zelda. I love the Zelda.
And then we went to Freaks United and that was awesome times.
I missed the kitty. She’s adorable.

I want to move to Canada if Bush “wins” again.

8 thoughts on “jell-o… and lots of it

  1. im not safe from the new selective services bill in canada anymore!… we should all chip in and buy an island somewhere temperate…

    can’t wait to see you…

  2. canada?

    i have neevr been to Canada. is Canada nice?

    I told my grandmother that I wanted to leave the country if Bush wins again and she said “shhh! dont say that someone might hear you!”

    shes great.

    can i bring her? if i chip in an additional coupla hundred? because bush is going to sink this mother.

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