Visiting Indiana August 4th through 10th. Hope to see everyone.
The cat is cool.
Found Nightsongs… such a good album.
Aparently going to Freaks United. Hope it’s good times…
Sorry I never post anything of interest anymore… Yeah.

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      • ‘sok, she’s here to stay shortly… i saw the fucking blood brothers last night!!!… you wanna talk religious experience, try me grabbing johnny whitney’s hand and sqeauling like a little girl… i think i may have weirded the little kids at the show out… oh well…

        call me or something, cool?

  1. wee!!

    well i will be living alone by then.. so i’m sure that you can come hang with me at any time during the 6 days yer here. i have a bed you and corey can SLEEP in and i’ll sleep on the floor, or in there with you all.. whatever.. 😛 i can’t wait to see you!! i’ve missed you. and the gas station isn’t the same without willow. i’ll fill you in on the minor details of my newly found single-ness at a later time. until then. much loves-aud

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