So yeah. Most of you know. Corey broke his hand. I guess it’s up to him to tell how it happened if he wants to. But yeah. He’s good times on vicodin. He’s good times anyway, but it’s different.
The move to Indiana is going… not smoothly at all times, but still going.
I really wish sometimes that life was easy. But I know that that will never happen, so might as well have fun with it.
I’m really going to miss the VA kids. It’s been so nice to know so many high-calibur kids here.

2 thoughts on “Progression

  1. hey missy.

    i tried calling you and the number i had doesn’t work. and i was sad. i ate brownies the other day and i thought of you and monkeys.. which no one else would understand.. but i know you do. anyhoo. if you need somewhere to lay low for awhile i have a futon and a bed that you and corey are welcome to accomodate. anyhoo doll, i’m off to go home and get clean. work makes me groooody. so. call me. you know the number. or email me your number. or something. k? loves yah. let’s build a snowman! -aud

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