we’re moving back to indiana.

So i can go back to school.

I am uber-excited.

I need your help though, kids in b-town.
look for apartments for rent, or apartment complexes, and write down the numbers. send them to me. we need a place to live. please. 🙂

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        • Re: WAIT!!

          i’m terribly sorry dear… parents gave me the opportunity to go back to school in january instead of august… and how could i pass that up?
          i shall call you tomorrow with a work schedule in hand for plan making.

  1. *insert sad face here*

    well i will still keep in contact hopefully as indi is my hometown and i hope to be visiting there w/in the next year or so

  2. homestead

    If you guys can’t find a place in time I have my own place at Grissom. It’s super sexy and we can do it all night long. Or you can stay there until you find a place … or .. or .. oh Jesus Christ … just touch me. I will give you my new address too!

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