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  1. i love willow!!!!!!! happy bday to you, happy bday to you, happy bday booty-ful willow, happy bday to you! my bday is in 6 days. and at some point we must get together and drink and be merry… or something. lol

  2. Willow! I (heart) you!

    HI! its Brian! I hope your Birthday was bitchen. I miss you and i hope to see you soon, oh yeah, keep your Tuesday open because i dont know if i work or not!

    Missing you bunches!

  3. Hrm…

    wild birthday sex anyone?
    since its my birthday tomorrow, and yours was sunday(?), if we do it today it would be like a double birthday wammy!
    hit me back with the details

    • Re: Hrm…

      Happy Birthday Kamo!

      I’ll just skip class and work and come up, steal you away from your school, work, and significant other, and we’ll “wammy” all night long.

      Oh yes.

      Much love, and again, happy birthday.

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