So last night’s laundrey escapade turned into an impromtu dinner party, and it was good times. Laundrey was done, mass amounts of sushi were made and consumed, as well as some tastey noodles. Many video games were played as well. Music was played, and all that other happy stuff.

On the job front: My father has offered me the best job ever. Basically an appretic(e)ship. I can’t spell. I work in his office, go to court with him, and he teaches me stuff. And I get paid. I also get meals while I’m up in Logansport, and stuff. And I get paid. That’s nice.
So it sucks that I’ll be away from Corey so much (a week at a time), and I’m really going to miss him. So I’ll need people to hang out with me in the evening times. So call me and stuff. I won’t have a vehicle in all likely hood, so you’ll need to come to me, etc.

Day after tomorrow I leave for Seattle for four days. While I’m really excited to see my brother (like whoa), it’s just the beginning of not seeing Corey every day and that kind of sucks. But Seamus and I are going to drink wine and go to coffee shops and the red light district and listen to street performers and stuff. I’m so excited.

Because I’m going to be gone so much, everyone in Bloomington NEEDS to harass Corey. Bring him muffins or something. Spoon him (by which I mean either taking him to the Spoon or the actual spooning). Then spoon the cat. It’s fun, I swear.

I’m really going to miss Madison.

3 thoughts on “cheese

  1. make him call me.

    Yeah, cheese. \m/

    Spooning is the best. Either coffee or the cat…or Corey, I imagine.

    I KNOW that Mike, Dave, and Corey need to spend some time together…last night was too nuts. It was great. My roommates LOVE you. And I love my pants. Thank you.

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