randomness, for what else would you get from me?

I dropped Corey off at work at Sam’s this morning at 9:55a. The store opens at 10a, and we needed cat food, so I figured I’d wait around. There were at least 20 elderly people waiting for the doors to open. I mean, Jesus guys, it’s Sam’s Club, not Florida. May have been the most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I think I’ve done everything there is to do in Fable. Now I am bored. GAH!

I ate something today that has caused me such stomach pains that it has prevented me – ME – from sleeping. I feel like I would much rather have it cut out.

Books are good.

There is a child in the computer lab who is awesome.
See, when I was a kid, my siblings were not so much around, being 6 and 12 years older than myself. So I played a lot alone, and I still have quite the imagination. I used to tell stories and act out interactions and come up with personalities for inanimate objects. This kid is doing a lot of that. Talking to the computers via her doll, making up stories, and the like.
I was kind of scared I was the only one who did that sort of stuff. Rockin.

Going to Seattle June 2-6. I’m really excited. I’m going to miss Corey so much though… I spent the night in Logansport Saturday, and he had to work, and it really sucked.

The interview at Hot Topic (yeah, I know, go suck it) went well, and they will call me back and let me know if they can/will work around my Montana trip (July 1-17). I feel kind of bad saying “hey guys, can I have a job? By the way, I need TWO AND A HALF WEEKS off”. Oh well. Mom and Dad have work for me either way, so at least it’s something.

And that’s it, I guess.

6 thoughts on “randomness, for what else would you get from me?

  1. Hey there. I know you don’t know me, but I’m jen shideler’s roommate. I saw that you interviewed at HT. I used to manage one of their stores in Lafayette. Awesome-great company btw. If you need a reference that has an “in” let me know. from what i’ve heard about you, you’re a-okay.

    • I miss Jen! She’s good people. Glad to know she has a good roommate.
      I actually used to work there, but just as Seasonal one Winter. Catey, the Assistant Manager that interviewed me, said that she REALLY liked me, and REALLY hopes they can work it out. I hope so too.
      I would drop your name, but I don’t have one… : )
      Thanks much.

      • “if a union representative approaches you, please do not hesitate to call for moses and his ‘union-rep dettering stick’ to promptly relenquish this vile menace to wal-mart stores, inc’s firm hold on your life.”

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