I love you Jen

Everyone, this is my friend Jen. Or at least her sense of humor on display.

we must visit. Quit being so busy! Thanks for this picture, it made me giggle. She goes all the way to England, and this is what she takes pictures of. *sigh*

Thinking, with so many people who enjoyed (or loved) House, and seeing as Corey and I owe like 10 people dinner, and it’s been awhile anyway, I think we’ll have a Houseparty in a week or two. (get it? House party? Ooh, I’m clever). If you haven’t yet read it, that’s ok, but if you don’t want to hear anything that will ruin the book, read it before hand.

More details as they come, as well as on the trip to Indy for MirrorMask.

5 thoughts on “I love you Jen

  1. i’ve been to dover castle… but i was too young to think of bending over next to it… plus i think my step-mom would have killed me. now i feel the need to go back.

  2. Damn that is a fine ass!

    so i am just having the chance to see what i have missed in the last i- dont- know- how- long on livejournal and i see my ass and i like it. but not as much as i like it when it is rubbing against your sweet ass. sorry i don’t have time for anything, hopefully shit will calm down after fall break, but academics are always trying to get way ahead of me, you know this feeling i am sure. so i will keep dreaming of our hot kitten sex and hope to see you SOON!

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