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  1. Yes, it’s that damned smirk. And sometimes the swish of the hair.

    Yeps. I knew it. There will be a photoshoot…but that skirt is not even cute. I refuse to replicate it.

    • Re: Counterpoint

      Christ, now I’m all hot and bothered. Thanks for that, V.

      (speaking of, when ARE we gonna have a Rocky party? I think one is needed.)

      • Re: Counterpoint

        You know, I only ever saw that movie once. I tend to think more of Shock Treatment, and anyone who does not love that movie is a fool. However, I was 14 when I saw Rocky, and thus do not recall it well. I have long suspected that the co-occurrence of Richard O’Brien and Tim Curry in the same film would make for more happiness than I derived from matters the first time, during which I was getting the flu.

        Seriously. It’s the voice, and the demeanor. And the Narrow. I’ve yelled it at him across crowded rooms on multiple occasions. And you should watch Shock Treatment too. Yes.

  2. Though the pictures I’ve seen from ‘Titus’ look uncannily like Corey, it is this pic from ‘Reefer Madness’ that really takes the cake.

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