no more Bad Shit allowed

So I’ve been trying to fuck up the insurance company on my own and it’s just not working. Seems like it’ll have to be a lawyer for me. So that’s sort of fucked.

I came home last night and the light switch didn’t work. Checked out the box thing. Nothing worked.

It ends up that my old apartment on South Curry has been charging me electric up until March. I moved out December 6th. When I walked in to talk to my old landlady about it, she told me she had a meeting and didn’t have time to talk. I told her that was too bad. Ends up I have to take her to small claims because she seems to think that despite my not living there, I should pay the electric bill. So the old charges were forwarded to the new place, and before I was able to get anywhere to talk to anyone (thanks again, girl who totaled my car) they switched it all off.

Figured out the monetary situation enough to get the power turned back on TODAY. Which means I’m less than broke. My body feels broken and I feel like the world hates me.

I declared to Jeremy, as we pulled out of the Cinergy parking lot, that I officially declared that no more Bad Shit is allowed to happen today. I therefore just pwned my first methods test, will go fencing, and will probably drink some decent wine. Also, Six Feet Under will be watched and Terran ass with be beaten.

I am tired of insurance and realty companies taking advantage of me, and will break out the strap on if necessary.

Now I go to flyer Kirkwood.

3 thoughts on “no more Bad Shit allowed

  1. that lady is a big meanie. i’ll kick her in the shins if you’d like. things’ll get better. trust me. its exactly as they say, “when it rains, it pours.” i’ll hug you soon!

  2. yay for 6ft under! I still have to watch the last season. I have to wait for ‘s schedule to clear up a bit so that we can watch it together. since we’ve watched every episode since season one together.

    oh and believe me, I understand the shit-storm of bad luck. I decree that nothing bad can happen to any of us for oh, at least five years.

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