student life

Sitting at a desk at home, newly connect internet.

Just got in from smoking the hookah and chatting on the porch with Libby and Jeremy.

Trip hop playing.

Kitten sleeping next to me.

Most of my homework for the upcoming week done; one final task, and some polishing yet to do.

Doors and windows open, breezes.

Glass of wine in hand.

I feel alive.

This is what being a student is about for me: learning, in my environment, the things I’m passionate about.

I’ve spent the past few days doing homework, in and out of the company of people that appreciate me, give me space when I need it, but can also have a good laugh. Especially you. (Cheese?)

Who knows, if I get this reading done I may even post about the rest of my Seattle trip.

8 thoughts on “student life

  1. mmmm hookah…

    There’s a place in Portland called Pied Cow (that’s an obscure Nietzsche reference) that serves hookahs in their garden and you can also get wine and appetizers (like curry bean dip with carrots) and naughty desserts.

    In fact, that’s one of the only places where I actually prefer white wine, just because it goes so well with a jasmine flavored hookah…

    *books train tickets to Portland* 😛

  2. I took a walk around campus this afternoon and saw a bunch of guys outside one of the dorms smoking a hookah. And I thought of you. 🙂

    Sleeping kittens are the best.

  3. It does sound divine

    The student life sounds glorious indeed. I have to admit I will never know of such bliss because of the choices I have made, but I am glad to read about others experiences of such things.

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