where I call home

The journey was mostly uneventful. We watched Rocky Balboa on the flight, along with a horribly cut Casino Royal (then again, the movie is almost 2.5 hours, and the flight was around 4.5..). The most exciting part was the meal.

I promptly got “Share and Enjoy” from H2G2 stuck in my head… the original BBC broadcast.

This neatly packaged bundle unwrapped to more neatly packaged things:

That’s real smoked gouda, folks. And little crackers. And trail mix and shortbread and even a wetnapkin.

I talked to a lovely lady named Margret who is a personal trainer and she lives on Queen Ann Hill.

The flight finally ended.

The edges of home from above.

In the morning, Seamus and I went to Macrina.

The food is fantastic (mm quiche and bread pudding for breakfast), and the coffee is different, but just as good as the Spoon. And they have this fantastic sugar with vanilla in it… Mm.

I worked on putting together my speech for the end of the month while Seamus studied wine.. He has this neat keyboard that uses infared to beam to his phone. Totally wireless. I could get the same thing, as we geekily have the same phone.

Something about sitting, putting together thoughts on Transhumanism while Seamus worked seamlessly with his gadgets was very pleasing.

We then went back home, to Capital Hill. We shared the rest of a bottle of wine while we decided what to have for dinner.

The tubes are filled with essences of various things. You try to figure out which each is.. it’s an exercise to help with detecting flavors and scents in wine.

Our dinner menu made, we went out to obtain and make a delicate meal.

Trying to make this meal, however, was a different story.

You can get individual eggs in Seattle! How cool is that?!

We tried to make our own pasta for ravioli (butternut squash and things and such, nonetheless!)

Have you ever tried to make your own pasta?

Seamus wore an apron.

Wine was drunk.

Disaster ensued.
(yes, we were using the wine bottle as a rolling pin)

He is now out getting ready-made pasta, and the squash timer is beeping.

More news later, perhaps!