Stars is going back on tour! Glee!

November 2nd in Chicago.
November 16th in Seattle.

I could go to one. I could go to both.

Bounce bounce bounce.

4 thoughts on “d000000d

  1. whee.
    uhm. i’d go to Chicago show with you, but if plans move forward as forseen, i will be on the other end of the country…the southern end.

    but YAY!

  2. What’s a “stars”?

    One other thing: You should keep your wigs in a protective box. Or at least some Tupperware! heh You don’t want people to assume you scalp folks on your backseat.

  3. Ha ha! Random tag post. Sharyn Emry and I were looking for someone to talk to our Groups students about a community in Bloomington. Of course, we promptly thought of you, Libby and B-town goffdom. Would you be free/willing to chat to our students about goths/transhumanism/Bloomington communities?

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