too much crap

Hello all.

I have too much crap.

In honor of this crap, I will present it to you. It’s actually quite nice crap, I just have no further use for it. Monetary offerings are accepted, but not necessarily necessary.

1. Sparkly shoes. Around a size 10. Several people have expressed interest in these, but I forget who, so step right up.

2. laser guns. These things are awesome, but I no longer have a use for them. If the batteries were to be replaced in the red ones, I have no doubt that they would vibrate, light-up, and make sounds.

3. Mirror things. Again, pretty. Oooh.

4. Brightly colored cap gun.

5. Gaelic tapes. I have desperately wanted to learn Gaelic for most of my life, but given my difficulties with Latin-based languages I’d say my chances are pretty close to nil. I hope these go to a good home, mostly so you can whisper Gaelic in my ear.

6. USB iPod cable and plug

7. Books
a. The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
b. The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams
c. Unfinished Tales by JRR Tolkien
d. The Japanese Mind by Davies and Ikeno
e. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast
f. Stupid White Men by Michael Moore
g. thoroughly notated Sociology Stats book

Please post a comment or send an e-mail if interested.

18 thoughts on “too much crap

    • They are actually Scottish… I had looked for Irish Gaelic tapes, but apparently not a lot of demand for Gaelic in general.

  1. Maybe I’m weird but I think buying the laser guns would be worth it just to arrange a clandestine arms deal and put a surreal wrinkle in the brain of some random and unsuspecting truck stop waitress.

      • Actually, yeah. They seem like cool things to use as a props in a shoot and then pass along. Which, judging from your icon, is precisely what you did… and I’ll be happy to carry on the tradition.

        I don’t know what those would be worth to you in cash money but I’d be willing to fund some of your booze at the next Axis or do an interesting crap swap if you’re game for that sort of bartering.

  2. I’d be willing to trade bizarre sexual favours for the mirrors. Or money or Tesla stories or long talks about Guy Debord or insect people or whatever you want that I can provide.

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