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So I woke up this morning, bumbled about for a bit like I usually do, talked to people on the internet, and finally decided that I should probably actually go out and get some things done.

Before I got out the door, I noticed a bit of tape on the window.

Odd, but Libby has been working on lots of art projects, so anything is currently possible. At this point, I would not be surprised to wake up to a kitchen covered in a layer of jam and then spraypainted (very elegantly) shades of copper and silver and brass. Also, of course, some missing booze, clove butts, and madly constructed sketches would be found (or not, in the case of the booze). I love it.

But no. I open the door, and look down at our chairs.

At the back of my Catholic-schooled mind, recognition occurs.

I flip the object over.


A new vehicle is also in the parking lot!


I hurredly unlock the door to the DWL, run inside, and come back to my very dear friend G-Chat.

me: DOOD
did you tape a crucifix to our window?
Libby: LOL
Mike did!
me: lmao
Libby: he was taping it right as I was leaving.
me: gimme a break
Libby: half naked
fucking hilarious
me: what a weirdo
i love him
Libby: I love it.
me: it fell down
but that makes it even funnier
now i’m actually leaving
Libby: HA

I had forgotten, in the morning grogginess, that Mike, Holly’s suitor from Texas had moved here.

In the end, it reminds me of the joke:

Why did Jesus die on the cross?

..because he forgot the safe word.

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  1. I saw that van this morning, as I was driving to school! And I wondered to myself, “lo, do I behold the vehicle of the famed Spider Mike?” 😉 After all I’ve heard, I can’t wait to meet the gent.

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