Spider Mike FTW, once again

Spider Mike just made my week. Again.

We have a new oddity at the DWL.

Yes, that’s a taxidermied armadillo.

It needs a name (and some duct tape). Help me out.

18 thoughts on “Spider Mike FTW, once again

  1. I vote for a pun. Something like “Trouble” so you can be upstairs, exclaim suddenly, “There’s trouble in the kitchen!” race downstairs and see who you can get to follow you in shock and alarm.

  2. You should name it


    so you could say “This is D’oh the armidillo…”

    and see if you can say it without flubbing up and saying dildo (ROFL). Yes I HAVE had too much sugar today!

  3. Eric. (It’s my standard).

    I would also say Wilhelm, but the joke’s not that funny. Dentarthurdent?

    Who says it’s a boy, anyway? Tank Girl’s birth name was Rebecca, IIRC…

  4. I like harvey wallbanger. Second that.

    And, can I have a neighbor like y’all’s? Our neighbors, for the most part, are stupid cunts/mofos who like drinking, listening to loud crummy music, and setting off fireworks/having loud drunken domestic disputes at 4am.

    I’d switch that anyday for a guy who’d drop off an armadillo and a crucifix.

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