Libby posted about this past Axis being her last. It’s the end of an era. Red and Blue in Bloomington is at an end. I’m so glad she pushed through until her own departure, and that the night will still exist under a different name and different management. I am filled with nostalgia and pride over what she and I (and you all) created. After having traversed the country, stopping at clubs along the way, it’s true what all the visiting performers had to say: Axis was the best. If you were looking to dance, for new music or old favorites (without the overplay or pretension), for friendly people, for interesting performances… Axis was it. I have yet to find another night like it.

Thank you all, with special thanks to Libby, for helping to create something that has been humbling, gratifying, and pride-inducing all in one go. I’m going to hide in my back office now and look through old photos.

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  1. Axis Reborn?…Someday!

    I talked with Libby once about doing something similar here in Seattle, but she’s afraid it would take over her life before she gets some of the other stuff done that she wants to do. I whole heartedly agree with her! But maybe one day Axis can be re-born in the great Pacific Northwest! Seattle USED to have a great scene centered around the Catwalk in Pioneer Square. That was the mid-90’s. It would be nice to have a decent club scene again.

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