Expressions of Solidarity

I wonder if, what Scott means, in this whole storm recently, is actually:

“Your struggle is my struggle. While I had a really rough time growing up, it must have been just as hard for people like me, and even harder for those facing structural oppression. I want to fight these systems with you. When you say I’m ‘privileged,’ I feel like my experience is being discounted and it makes it difficult for me to be in solidarity with you.”

I feel like this is what Laurie is asking for. I know it’s what I would ask for.

18 thoughts on “Expressions of Solidarity

  1. Well, that’s an okay thing to say, but it still makes it hard to actually talk about structural oppression, because you can’t not talk about how the systems that produce it privilege some people over others.

    Being a good ally means having to learn to take criticisms that involve your group (or even you personally) as something other than an attack on your own person and your experience. This isn’t easy, certainly.
    But it is necessary.

    • @Lion: this is my, and most of my male-identified friends’, response:

        • I’m pointing out that other people who have been through similar life arcs have dealt with it differently. My saying I didn’t like it didn’t land, I thought I’d point to other people saying the same for context. 🙂

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