Tonight I walked home from the club alone, violins and poetry in my ears (aren’t they often the same thing?).
Capital Hill and I had a moment, the sort of moment you share with a good friend or a lover in the morning, feet cozy under their legs, tea or coffee in hand, when you know the day is in front of you but more important is the Now.
I feel at peace here more than I ever have.

I also played hangman, Iron Bartender, and taped coasters to my head. And I’ve remained sober the whole night. I can’t remember the last time my brain operated at this level for so long.

Thank yous to Libby, for reminding me who I am, Chris for telling me when I’m not, Matt for being awesome in general, Jeana for making my ears warm but my hawk free, Seamus for reminding me of a love a learning, Kevin for possibility, Qais for being unassuming, Nathan for expecting me to perform at a level I should be at, Anita for being amazing, Preston for encouraging me to be the person I want to be, Jessica for reminding me of all the beauty in the world, Blaine for giving me perspective, and on and on and on. I’ll tell you tomorrow. Right now I need some sleep.