updated list

So today Nathan helped me clean out my car. Tomorrow he follows me places to attempt selling it, as Sunday seems to be the day of buyers for lots. Which means Monday I call apartment places to try to get into one.

I now work weekdays at the office, evenings Tuesday Friday Saturday Sunday at the restaurant, and do 2 hour workouts including either yoga or kickboxing Monday Wednesday Thursday.

an updated list

Here we are now, Entertain us…

Carnival Hypnotique is tonight. I’m super excited.

Libby and Holly did my hair this weekend, and I get to flaunt and dance in it all night long. Rex has expressed interest in dating said hair.

Also, my skirt has been described by Keven as “not a skirt, but rather a respectable belt.”

I’ve had the Moulin Rouge song stuck in my head for days now, and haven’t complained once.

H+ group is coming together, I think.

I realized as I got ready to go to dinner with Matt, Chris, and Jessica on Saturday that I’m becoming who I wanted to be… in style, in compassion, academically, etc. I’ve always been ok with myself, but to feel like I’m.. coming into my own.. is quite nice.