…So Yeah…

Brian came down for V-Day (aka “Single’s Awareness Day”). Got here Thursday night. We had a talk. He said he knew it wasn’t going to work out, just like I knew it. Said “let’s just be the perfect couple for the next 36 hours. Then we can part ways and be friends and be happy.”
It was so perfect. I went to classes and work on Friday while he visited friends and such. Then we ate sushi (he wore his skirt and eye makeup, I wore suspenders and derby hat and paid for everything (even though it was his card)) and then we went for ice cream. Then we went to a dance/rave thing (as much as you can have one here). Danced until I was coughing really bad. Met some cool people. He left this morning. I’m happy.

Now things are complicated though… All these boys are suddenly like “wait… you’re single? Can we make out?” and I’m thinking “wait… what?!” So odd.
I hate this crap. I just want to get laid without emotional attatchment. How difficult is that?! What the hell is up with guys?

On another note, I’m coming home on Friday. I love you guys.

4 thoughts on “…So Yeah…

  1. There is always people around logansport that i am sure will give you a hump and a bump and a thank you very much, but not me cause that would be EWWWWW!!!!



  2. uh….

    hey we need to figure out what is going on with the dancing thing! i am coming home saturday around 5 or 6 and leaving sunday before five if possible. um… i dunno !!! but you can hump my leg!!

    • Re: uh….

      Ok. After SNL (what time is it?) we’ll go to Fort Wayne to the new club Raj is harassing me about. Then we get home god knows what time, and you can go home in the morning. I love you! Whee! Give me a call if you want. I think you have the number. Call Seamus too. He has a car now.

  3. hoo-rah willow!

    Hey kid! Whats goin on? Im so excited that youre coming for SNL…hope its worthy…Anyway, Im so excited! Make sure you find me after the show, i expect a GIGANTOR hug from you, got it? Righty-o soldier, guess Ill see ya in a few. Love ya much…Brit ( your martinian lova ) haha peace

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