yeah. what’s up people?
went home. that was great. I missed everyone. except that I brought Justin home with me and Everyone was asking if he is my “new one”. gah. I don’t know. I really like him but I don’t want committment right now, You know?
kickboxing rocks. I can kick ass now. I also have the mad fencing skills. oh yes. had to take out the industrail for kick boxing though… putting it back in definately sucked. blood and stuff.
it was snowing like mad in evansville. couldn’t even drive. sort of sucked.
I can’t think. too sore, too tired, too… blah. I miss Justin. I miss Madison. I didn’t get to see Kacee. I miss the Guys. yeah. pooh

4 thoughts on “update

  1. oh sure. don’t miss me. hell, you didn’t even SEE me. i see how it is. may a dog cross your path and shit on your shoe.

    • I stopped by the gas station! but you’re not there anymore. and yes, i do miss you. get ahold of me on aim or e-mail or maybe even call me sometime.

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