Madison just went home. She’s alive guys, no worries. I’m hoping she’ll come to VA with me, but we didn’t really talk about it. I’m just happy that I’ll be closer to her in a few weeks, once school is out.
It was perfect this evening, listening to music, sharing stories, watching films with Seamus and Madison (probably my two favorite people, no offense to anyone else).
Listening to the new Ladytron and Dot Allison on the way up with Seamus was just like the old days. We hit each other, cracked jokes about each other, and bickered in general. Only now we’re in the front seat and no one threatens to pull the car over.
even though our parents never did this, I think it would have rocked

Street lamps are going out over head again. I wonder what this means. I wonder what it meant in the first place.

I love my brother and I love Madison.
And now to sleep in my old bed, hopefully without certain old dreams.

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