“so you fix a drink ’cause it’s time to drown…”

I was reminded tonight that loving and being in love are two very different things, though closely related.
I was reminded why I need to get away from the drugs.
I was reminded of how highly people hold me. And why.
I was reminded of how much life fucks some people over.

I also wonder if someone who talks about the need for certain inflictions is weaker for expressing this…

Or if I’m weaker for not.

3 thoughts on ““so you fix a drink ’cause it’s time to drown…”

  1. audrey says…

    tonight was fucked up. i hope everything turns out ok.. i don’t understand people.. probably never will. for the record, i’m glad you’re home too. love you.

    • Re: audrey says…

      I’m sorry I completely neglected you after wanting to hang out. I really needed to take care of him though. And things did get sorted out a bit, I think.
      Now I have to go into work again! Yay!

      • Re: audrey says…

        understood babe. things happen. things are better now. drunken thoughts are… weird. eww. my cat just licked my nose. love you. -aud

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