I have my goggles back.

And John is sleeping upstairs.

My parents are being really weird though..
And I work at 8a.

and a thought… Do I never fit in because I am so set on being unique? If I gave some of that up would I feel more at home? Or do I need to find more people with the same interests?

And I joined http://www.livejournal.com/community/spookiepoopie/
I forget how to link things. Sorry.

One thought on “goggles

  1. audrey says.

    never fit in? what? you are unique and thats one of the reasons everyone loves you.. that, and you are nice, SUPER smart, (i feel like you are probably way smarter than i am) your awesome taste in music.. you are the most caring person i know, and you always know the right thing to say.. and i could think of a bajillion more things but that’ll tide you over for now. 😀 i want to meet this john fellow. i thought i worked tomorrow, but i don’t.. i’m confused. i have tues. and wed. off.. and fri.. and like, every other day.. dammit. love you. -aud

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