alarm clocks are the root of all evil

I don’t like waking up. I don’t like leaving the comfort of warm sleep. Even when I dream in ways that make me not want to sleep, I fear waking up because my dreams could become truth.

This music reminds me of what it feels to love.

So. At the end of this month, I’m done. Done with any drugs except the occasional tok and the occasional sip of alcohol. No more hardcore stuff. I’m sick of it. It’s not helping me. It’s doing jack shit for me. And I said that I needed to quit. I said I’d give myself a time limit. Well, I’m shortening that. Screw it.

And I’ll be in VA in July or August. No questions. I’ve set my mind to it. Fuck it all, I’m finding peace.

One thought on “alarm clocks are the root of all evil

  1. audrey says…

    sleeping is UNDERrated… i agree with you there.. and i’m proud of your no drugs no alcohol policy.. having someone else doing it will make it easier for me.. and i’ll try to help you too.. (even though i always see that sweet sweet chiba and go back.. why going to VA? call me, i have tues. thru thurs. off.. job hunting days. BLEH. i’ll be around. love you.

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