back in logantucky

My mom took the news of me moving quite well.
Now I just have to work my ass off, pay them off, buy a car, and get a rent-a-truck.
Give me 6 months. I might die, but it’ll be worth it.

I’m glad some of the drama is over. I wish it all was, but if wishes were fishes I would die of a panic attack…

I love Corey.

I don’t care what the rest of you have to say about it. My trust is in myself, and my intuitions. If you don’t agree with this, please don’t even say so, because it is beginning to annoy me. I’ve read the warnings, I’ve taken them into account, now let me be.

I got to meet all the cool people I have been talking to, and a few I haven’t really talked to. Good good times. Love to all.

Showed Cannible the Musical to a few. Dear lord I love that movie.

That’s all I really want to say now.
Except that I reek from the bus.
And I love my brother.
And I want to be in VA right now.

17 thoughts on “back in logantucky

  1. Moving eh? really…to VA I take it? well you are totally not going to get anything from me but support. I mean right the risks are there and anything can happen but i trust that you know what you are doing and that you will find out how things go when you get to where you are going. Just remember that you can totally count on me for all help thats what friends are right?

    Love ya willow and get ahold of me if you need anything. For god sakes let me see cannabal i wanna see that really bad and i think you have a dvd of mine before you leave =)

    later kid,

    • i will definately get ahold of you. it’s audrey’s, but hopefully she won’t mind if i hold onto it for another day. i’ll come over tomorrow after i wake up from 3rd shift.

      i love you joe, and thank you.
      i will still be here for your wedding without a doubt.

  2. do wristbands make my thighs look big?

    hey kiddo welcome home. i am leaving for muncie on friday i will get ahold of you when i come home again (probably next wednesday or thursday) i miss you and love you and i am glad you had such a fun time.

  3. audrey says:

    listen here lady. joe can borrow my movie. and you can move to va, but you have to remember to come visit every once and awhile and not to forget us (as if).. and yeah.. you’ll just be bitter cause you don’t have anyone that you can borrow cannibal the musical from! 😛 i love you and you know this, and if anyone wants to say mean stuff, then i’ll give ’em 5 across the eye for yah! much love. call me anytime. mwah!

  4. peh?!


    that sounded awful pissy!

    I’m GLAD you love Corey, I hope you weren’t directing that at me. If you remmeebr correctly, the last time I quote unquote warned you was like a year ago. Hell if I care anymore 😛 and do you see ME listening to any WARNINGS? If youre in love, youre in love, that’s it, besides yall look cute as hell together. Also, I hop youll look into going ot VCU, if you wanna do art of english er something, thats a great school here for it. And it’s only like….and hour or two away from us in the 7-5-7…the area code up there is 8-0-4

    • I’m callin’ you out Spanky Lou!

      Apparently you cared enough to tell her that you didn’t care.

      Caring is good. It shows that you actually give a fuck weather or not things go stinky.

  5. Rawk on Sista!!

    Kick ass! I hope things work out for you two. In my opinion, you’ll be the one person (I hope) that keeps him from breaking any more hearts. He can still be sweet as a bizkit, but if he can tell the swooners that he’s “taken”, they won’t get their hearts crushed by chasing after him. So we get one more charmer to make the world a better place, and no mess to clean up!
    It’s just a damned shame that you didn’t come down a month sooner.

    Oh, did you get that CD I left on Corey’s bed? (The blue one)

  6. Visit me too!!!

    You hafta come back to IU as well. We can hang in my crib. I will show you my hood. And get you drunk on cheap malt liquor. As it should be. But seriously, now who am I gonna talk about comics with?????

  7. Sooo…

    I didn’t get to see you when you were here. The night you were at Hartz, I was guest djing at a new night in Downtown Norfolk. My dj partner either saw/met you at Hartz. He said you and Corey are very similar. Kewl! So maybe I’ll get to meet you the next time you’re in town (if I’m in town; I’m always out of town djing or something…geez!)

    Hey, tho, I’m still his “wife #1”. Heheheheh. Don’t worry, it’s just a running joke. ;-]

    • Re: Sooo…

      it’s all good.

      sorry i didn’t get to meet you, but i’m sure the opportunity will present itself again.

  8. i wish i could’ve met you while you were here…but i guess i get to do that in a few months when you move here.
    corey is really excited and that makes me happy. i love that boi. he’s like the brother i never had, except i have a brother…but that’s another story.

    i like your “if wishes were fished i’d die of a panic attack” thing..cuz i’m scurred of fishies.

    • fishies are pretty to look at but i can’t swim anywhere they might be…
      i mean, think about it.
      they can breathe under water. they can see. and they can swim a hell of a lot better than i can.
      they also go in groups and never blink.
      it’s just wrong.

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