VA (to go) (and also a state) (how convenient)

I’m going to VA.

15-23 I have off this month.
Go to see about a different approach to the loan tomorrow with Audrey.
Told Madison. She’s not sure if she can get the time off. I hope so. But I also want a lot of alone time with the Corey. Sort things out.

Getting on a bus with this much tapioca pudding mix is going to throw people off, so I hope I get the car.

5 thoughts on “VA (to go) (and also a state) (how convenient)

  1. There bettah be some attempt to at least formally introduce ourselves…

    unless you would like to remain a ghost in the machine…

  2. I guess all those spanish classes really paid off because I know what your subject meant.

    I’m listening to Clubbed to death, which has been renamed ‘The Willow Song’ on my comp because it reminds me of you. heh.

    Well, that’ enough with the shallow bullshit.

    Crytal told me not to tell you, but I’m doing it anyway. I’ll email it to you s it’s not all over lj.


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