alive and well

everything’s going really well.

please call before dropping by, but I would love to start visiting with people!

Gotta run…on the computer at the library and stuff…

much love to everyone!
i miss you kids in IN!

16 thoughts on “alive and well

  1. finally. i wasnt about to drop by or anything til i saw u updated your journal.

    jobs? any good stuff?

    i have to call now, wow…thats im joking ive always least 99 percent of the time..and i dont weant to see…corey nekkid er anything >.<

    *you* on the other hand ::raises eyebrows::

  2. Nothing quite like having 15 peopel at the door asking if they can use your house for the party. [compleat with party goods, drunk and karate chop action]

  3. and i miss you. i am glad you are all settled. hey you and corey hug and then each of you act like the other was me and feel warm and fuzzy because i heart you both. take care babe

  4. hmm..

    miss you. one stop called. i should start there soon. woot! things are really hectic around here. remember that time that you thought that you had that one thing and were all stressed out but then you didn’t have that one thing and were all happy… well i think i might have that one thing and i’m freakin.. i sure hope that made sense to you. and to everyone who reads it, don’t jump to conclusions. anyhoo. i miss you tons. watch cannibal the musical, sing about snowmen and think of me. love you lots. aud

    • Re: hmm..

      i think about you an aweful lot, and have been trying to call you, but i guess you’re out of minutes… give me a call when you get some (minutes, not action)

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