“oh yeah…. you’re the happy guy with the beer bottle”

So about five minutes after I arrived at the bus station to pick up Corey, a girl got off of a bus, sat down next to me, and said “you look like fun times, let’s be friends.” So we got to talking, and it ended up that she was headed to Bloomington. As I was going to drive there the next day, I asked her to go on a walk with me, and told her if she was good times I would give her a ride. So we ended up spending the morning with her… brunch, hanging out, and all.
During the course of all this I heard why she was going to B-Town. She was dating the drummer of The Tribute (a really good local band that’s doing really well) and suddenly he just stopped talking to her. So she jumped on a bus and came to B-town to kick him around a bit.
She ended up going home with Seamus so she could get there that day instead of the next.
So Seamus is sitting in Barnes and Nobels the next day (where this guy works) and he heard someone behind the counter talking about how this girl had been stalking him and just suddenly showed up on his doorstep yesterday. And Seamus said “yeah, I brought her here.” Que stunned silence.

Corey has been here, and it has done wonders for my nerves. No panic attacks! Yay!
We’ve been having a wonderful time visiting friends and family (though I feel bad for throwing so many people at him).
That’s been about it.

5 thoughts on ““oh yeah…. you’re the happy guy with the beer bottle”

  1. i want a stalker.

    can you send her to michigan next?
    i’ll pay the shipping and handleing.

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