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  1. in the words of my parents… “because i said so…”

    willow, i love you kid… we’re all in desperate need of sanity in controlled bursts… get ahold of me soon girlie… perhaps we can help each other…


  2. why?

    because i loooooove you! hey, my b-day was wed. the 26th. i got to spend it in the er with justin. my life doesn’t get any more exciting. i got a sunburn yesterday, we had a cat and then we got rid of it today cause it poo’d on my blanket and made me angry. umm. i miss you. be good. miss me. love you and if you need anything don’t hesitate to email me or come home and come to my apartment. yeah.. its a little drive but… you know. 😛 do you like your new job? am i babbling? yes. i am. take care. <3 bye bye.

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