what i will miss

the last of everyone left awhile ago.
I’m going to miss everyone so much.
I think I found the best people around. And now we leave.


I will miss the mass area of populous.
The chance to dance every week (even if we didn’t (sorry)).
The Naro.
Good seafood.
I think I might actually miss the water.

I will miss you guys! We’ll be back in March/April.
Come see us, too.


3 thoughts on “what i will miss

  1. I love you guys, I love you to death and into the next life.
    I’ll be passing through you’re area sometime in the spring. Just email me an addy and I’ll be there. *chokes up*

  2. Have a good trip and we might see you out there if we get to go visit soon-We will all miss you and it was great to get to know you! while you were here-so ironic that Ryan is from Indy too-blew me away when you walked into work that day and I had seen you on here via Angel etc and so forth Be careful and keep us all updated!

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