School is awesome. I’m all ready ahead in most of my classes.
The third day in we had to do a group project in Psych. The other two people I was grouped with were IDIOTS and therefore I failed a quiz. I was so pist. How can you be lost on the third day? Jesus.
My computer class is in a Mac lab though, and thank god for that. I’m becoming way too into this (thanks, Corey).
I went to the doctor and he says I’m hypoglycemic (that explains a lot). I was also apparently bitten on the bottom of my foot repeatedly by a spider. It got all swollen and gross and I could barely walk for two days.
My job is rockin.
I love the Corey.
Comic book shops here ROCK.

I think I’m going to go all-out with this whole cyber thing. Not really thing. You know what I mean. So I guess all our excess money is going towards gadgets and clothing and body mods (eventually). It’s beautiful and it makes sense… and I’m really beginning to believe in it. Not the nonchelant “of course” belief, but the… my life is becoming this. Thanks to Corey, really. But to me, too.
I miss people. A lot.

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  1. We miss you guys out here. But at least I have cartoon Corey to keep me company now. So that’s SOME relief. Cool icon by the way, you look like a 50s sci-fi heroine… Willow, Pirate With the Rainbow Colored Ray Gun vs. The Intergalactic Muffins of Hate!

  2. anymore word on a cold stone in lafayette?… i am in desperate need of a different job, as mine keeps trying to get rid of me!…

    i miss you guys, and hope to be able to come see you again if you’ll have me!…

    thank you again for your hospitality the other weekend, i had a great time…

    good luck with school!…

      • damn spiders!!!!!!! i need to get back into my “exterminator” mode… i’m gonna get lots of cans of raid and spray the fuckers to death. i used to that for fun a couple years ago(yes i was really bored). anyways, yer already hot but a cyber willow is hotter than hot! woot! okie eyb eyb.

    • Re: squirt

      placenta flavored fetus-sicles are even better.

      my understanding diversity class sure does bring out my dark sense of humor. i don’t think it’s appreciated, either.

      we’re trying for the upcoming week to get out there. you have monday, wednesday, or friday off of work/school?

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