make up words to songs you used to know

It smells like spring today

I’ve been having a wonderful time the last few days with carpe_jugulum, whiteplastik, dreadful_red, and others. Entirely too much caffiene has been imbibed, good music has been listened to, beautiful hair has been made, and cupcakes have, of course, been eaten.

Thought for a bit I had run out of things to say… and was ok with it. Then of course the opportunity for dead baby jokes came along and all was well again.

I skipped my first class on Thursday. It was only the computer class that I’m WAY ahead in, but I guilt-tripped myself so successfully that I don’t think it will happen again unless neccessary for travel.
My first test is on Monday. I should pass with flying colors, but I still can’t help but stress a bit.

I’m glad Corey is feeling so much more at home. I, too, am feeling more at ease with life.

4 thoughts on “make up words to songs you used to know

  1. Bloomington is a good place to be. Don’t knock it until it knocks you. *throws gang sign*

    Hope you had as much fun as I did! Pictures coming in a bit.

  2. heh!

    i was doing that today while driving back from DC. I think it was BAD II – “Globe” and some other random stuff. Good times, especially when driving in shitty weather alone. hehehehhe!

    *spanks your hiney* Don’t be skipping class! *gives you the naughty teacher look*

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